INTERGALACTIX: Get Ready to Dance

This Friday, two-piece electronic band Intergalactix will be playing in Gardner. The members, originally from Sydney, Australia but based in Los Angeles, include Kristian Attard and Serg Dimitrijevic. According to Wikipedia, Kristian Attard is the current bass player for Jason Mraz, and it is apparent that these musicians have been behind the scenes assisting some of the biggest names in music for nearly a decade. The genre of Intergalactix lies along the lines of Indie, Electro Funk, and Electronica. The melodies are catchy, the lyrics smooth, and a heavy percussive style of strong snare and bass beats lays over the action. And, of course, the bass of Kristian Attard is on point throughout every song. In some of their tracks it’s interesting to listen to the undercurrent of sound that almost feels ominous, with the added upbeat vibe put on top to create the ensemble sound. Intergalactix especially knows how to intermix the best attributes of pop, electronic, and dance music. The first track titled “Tuesday” has an indie groove and an electric synth that propels the listener to dance. The bass and beats are heavy and complimented by jamming vocals, where the chorus is bound to wind up in your head. Also check out “Dimensions,” which seems to channel the spirit of Passion Pit. “Be ready to dance” – Red Bull Music, in a review of Intergalactix. Below you can watch a video for “Tuesday,” where a bearded man delivers the gift of dance to the people. What’s in the box?! Jenkin Benson, who was recently interviewed by Concerts, is a second-year DJ who will be opening for Intergalactix. Benson works on producing hip hop beats and remixes when he’s not providing the music for parties around Grinnell. This night of great music will start off right, so be sure to get there first. Fri, Feb 6 9pm, Gardner Lounge Free, all ages, open to the public

Ne-Hi and Basin Shake the Stage

NE-HI, a four-piece band from Chicago, will be shaking the stage in Gardner on Saturday. They’ve maxed out at Chicago big rooms Lincoln Hall and Thalia Hall, establishing themselves as one of the city’s most emerging acts who can bring a unique energy and atmosphere to any crowd.

Image from the band's bandcamp

A driving bass and drum concoction provides the baseline to NE-HI’s sound that grips the listener and holds them there, entranced by a mixture of the raw and precise. Strong guitar work keeps the songs interesting and alive through structure and chaos. The vocals are laid-back and catchy, sometimes sung as a group, serving to elevate the melodies and supplement their indie rock vibe. The band relies on a spirit of repetitive themes to keep their mood going, and there is no doubt that they will bring a high level of energy to Saturday’s performance. A good example of NE-HI’s edge is “Haunted Summer,” which band member Wells says is a song he particularly likes because he gets “to shred [his] balls off.” The different instruments play off each other and blend together, bringing new developments as it goes along, all the while keeping the buzz alive. NE-HI POSTERSince the band is comprised of four dudes who met at DePaul University, NE-HI feels like a college band that has matured with a little time, seasoned itself, softened its rough edges, and still retained that pure, wildly refreshing noise that makes you want to nod your head and move your legs. And the best thing is, NE-HI is emerging into the national scene, and we at Grinnell College get an intimate look, just for us, that will surely lead us to say in a few years – “Yeah I saw them before they were big.” Below you can watch a video of “Since I’ve Been Thinking”, which rather interestingly profiles the attendees of a house party. Basin, the opening act, has put out over two albums of music on bandcamp since September 2013. Basin’s music can be defined through the genres of shoegaze, rock, and folk. There’s an experimental flavor to Basin that uses noise and a variety of instruments to create an art that is magically fused. Sat, Jan 31 9pm, Gardner Lounge Free, all ages, open to the public

Get Ready to Rumble with Ballast and Doctor Jeep

1941495_781808248545230_6003194701497607682_oHere is what you need to know about the two up-and-coming electronic artists that will be in Gardner to perform a co-headlining set at Grinnell for the first weekend of the spring semester. Ballast is the dance music project of Trevor Osterman. Ballast expands on the core aspects of House music and 2-Step by applying intricate rhythms and layers of synthesizers, textures and samples. His own style of tech house is at once involved and complex, but not abrasive. Osterman’s music does not seek to reach one cathartic peak, but rather is a constant amorphous body of rhythm and movement. After spending many years DJing in underground club scenes in L.A., Osterman finally began to receive some broader exposure in 2014. He released the single “For Club Use” on Dirtybird last month, which climbed Beatport electronica charts through the latter weeks of December. Ballast’s tasteful synthesis of various techno and dance genres appeals both to listeners immersed in underground electronic music and to those drawn to big-ticket artists like as Disclosure or EDM giants such as Zedd or Skrillex. Doctor Jeep, otherwise known as Andre Lira is a young producer from New York who blends a variety of international sounds and subgenres into his high intensity dance music. He released his EP “Angel” at the end of 2014. “Angel” was released on record label Trouble & Bass. He describes his own music as “dark, tribal and percussion-heavy.” Lira creates music that incorporates elements of grime, dancehall and garage. Many of his mixes can be found on his Soundcloud account. He has an active Facebook account as well, featuring a wide variety of mixes and even an invitation to join him in a game of Call of Duty on Xbox. Clearly, he is a DJ of the people. Event details: Fri, 1/23 9pm Gardner Lounge FREE || ALL AGES || OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

Cakes da Killa and MikeQ to Run Gardner

Cakes da Killa, also known as Rashard Bradshaw, is a rapper from New Jersey. He dropped his first EP, Easy Bake Oven, in 2011, and garnered widespread critical acclaim in 2013 with his second mixtape, The Eulogy, released on Mishka NYC . His music is intense. Citing Lil’ Kim as a pivotal influence, he raps with raunchy and commanding lyrics that flow and skitter over boundary-pushing beats. In 2012, Cakes da Killa appeared in Pitchfork’s profile of queer rappers in New York, but his music can’t be reduced to his sexuality, nor should it be. He has toured through Europe, Canada, and Australia, and in June he put out a new mixtape, Hunger Pangs.cakes-cover1-560x683 MikeQ is a ballroom producer and DJ based in New York. He heads up Qween Beat Productions, a crew that is spearheading a new generation of ballroom and vogue house music, and is a frequent collaborator with Fade to Mind and Night Slugs. In April 2013 he performed in Gardner with Prince William and Kelela. Cakes da Killa // MikeQ Mon, Oct 6 @9pm Gardner Lounge This event is free, all ages, and open to the public. Watch the video for Cakes da Killa’s “I Run This Club” below:

PUP Brings Catharsis to Gardner

PUP (formerly Topanga) is a pop punk band gracing us all the way from Toronto. PUP stands for “Pathetic Use of Potential,” a phrase coined by a band member’s grandmother, who jokingly warned that playing punk music was a pathetic waste of potential. Nonetheless, this grandmother is extremely supportive of the band, and rightfully so. PUPPUP is comprised of four childhood friends (Stefan Babcock, Zack Mykula, Steve Sladkowski, and Nestor Chumak). The band has been deemed as one of Rollingstone’s “Breakout Rock Bands of 2014,” and this description has held true. Their self-titled debut album, released last April, has been praised by Noisey as “a perfect ten,” filled with addictive “ripping guitar riffs, infectious hooks, [and] cathartic, angst-ridden screams.” Considering that they are in the middle of their European and North American tour after having played several music festivals, PUP is sure to bring an energy-filled show this Monday night. Their new album is available for streaming here. PUP Mon, Sep 15 Gardner, 9pm Free // All Ages // Open to the Public

Mandolin Orange Lights Up Gardner

On September 9, Mandolin Orange will be lighting up Grinnell College with its memorable blend of folk, country, and bluegrass. The band is comprised of Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz, who, through the “plainspoken, mournful power of bluegrass” leave one in a state of serene calm. The two met in 2009 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and have released multiple albums together. Their most recent project is titled This Side of Jordan and is described as an album focused on the healing process, a work that combines the sounds of Southern Appalachia to create a moving exploration of love and loss. Ashley Phillips of Independent Weekly described the duo’s sound as able to “go beyond chord progressions and vocal harmonies, leading somehow toward something pure.” The amazing multi-instrumentalism of Marlin and Frantz, who incorporate guitar, violin, mandolin, and more into their music, exposes the talent of their act. Mandolin Orange is going to bring an element of its own personal beauty to Gardner, and it’s going to be something to witness. Mandolin Orange You can watch the video for “One More Down” below. Opening for Mandolin Orange is Leif Vollebekk, based out of Montreal, Canada. His sound is a mix of folk and blues, generated out of influences in Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Sigur Ros. His album North Americana is out now.   Mandolin Orange // Leif Vollebekk TUE, 9/9 9pm Gardner Lounge This event is free, all ages, and open to the public.  

GRRRL PRTY to Launch Fall Lineup

After surviving a long, concertless summer, we are getting excited for the fall lineup of shows. Fortunately, we don't have to wait long. On August 29, GRRRL PRTY is coming to Gardner and kicking off a new year of Concerts in the right way.
GP Focus Photo (1)

Photo courtesy of GRRRL PRTY

GRRRL PRTY is a "celebration of femininity and unsheathed swagger," comprised of Sophia Eris, Manchita, and Lizzo. Each of the three artists brings their own style and voice, but they all come together to create a "gritty, unapologetic sound." Since forming in Minneapolis last year, the trio has established itself as an integral part of the hip-hop scene: they've dropped a mixtape, held a residency at the Icehouse in Minneapolis, and are currently set to release an album. Their live shows, featuring DJ Lanae & The Hot Pants and DJ Clean Drop, are explosive and infectious. GRRRL PRTY will leave Gardner begging for more. You can watch the video for "Wegula" below. Opening for GRRRL PRTY is the Minneapolis-based hip-hop duo KILLSTREAK, made up of Tony Williams and ICETEP. The pair draw upon diverse influences ranging from LA beats to Midwest hip-hop to create smart, hard-hitting rap music that refuses to be boxed in. FRIDAY, 8/29 9pm Gardner Lounge This event is free, all ages, and open to the public  

Ryley Walker Plays [2014]’s Last Show

ryley walker poster For the last show of the semester, Grinnell Concerts is excited to present Ryley Walker with openers Seth Hanson and Grinnell’s very own Adriana Walsh, this Thursday in Gardner. Ryley Walker is a 24-year-old Chicago native singer/songwriter whose music has been described as “straight out of the 1970s.” Last year Walker released a 3-song EP, The West Wind, which features songs from his recently-released full-length LP, to critical acclaim.NPR Music’s Lars Gotrich wrote of the EP’s title track, “with acoustic guitar in hand and a voice like browned butter, Walker swings and sways in a lush string-and-piano arrangement right out of Buckley's Starsailor; it slowly picks up to a swirling gallop without bucking the rhythm.” The title track from the The West Wind was also featured on NPR Music’s SXSW 2014 mix, and the song earned him a spot on Acoustic Guitar’s “30 Great Guitarists Under 30” list. Be sure to check out the music video for “The West Wind,” which debuted on The Fader in November. For more information, see Ryley Walker's page on The Windish Agency website.        THURSDAY, April 29th 9 PM Gardner Lounge This event is free and open to the public  

Full Saturdaze: Dream Weapon/ Beat Detectives/ Canoe/ DJ PYGYN

This Saturday night, Grinnell hosts Dream Weapon, Beat Detectives, Canoe, and DJ PYGYN. Dream Weapon, an experimental band out of Minneapolis, has an avant-garde sound that relies heavily on synthesizers and layered noises to create multi-dimensional music that builds beautifully. Check out their release for Opal Tapes here. Beat-Detectives-Music-2-300x300 Beat Detectives continue the good vibes with bassy and funky beats that Moonglyph describes as “outsider chopped and screwed dance hits from an imagined, weirdo urban radio station floating in the ether.” With smooth, jazzy tracks that slip from heavy synthesizer beats to hazy drip noises to slowed down looping vocals, Beat Detectives’ original combinations create an atmospheric and fresh sound. As impose Magazine writes, their music “pulses and throbs with homemade beats, indecipherable lyrics, bassy thumps, and the occasional slice of a raw guitar lick.” Listen to their soundcloud here. Lastly, Grinnell welcomes back [concerts] favorites DJ PYGYN (Robin Dugas ’10) and Canoe (Nic Wilson ’12). Listen to Canoe here and here.    SATURDAY, April 26th 9 PM Gardner Lounge This event is free and open to the public    

Celebrate the Holidays with Worthless

  a1162032784_10This Sunday, [concerts] brings to you Worthless with visuals by Drippy Eye Productions. Hailing from Brooklyn via Florida, the Worthless and Drippy Eye combo offers an engaging soundscape with awe-inspiring visuals to further  boost the psychedelia of the show. Don't let their name fool you, a Worthless performance is truly an amazing spectacle of lo-fi psychedelic rock and trippy "liquid light" visuals. Worthless, lead by Drippy Eye contributor Curtis Godino, combines vibrant aural and visual elements together to produce a concert experience unlike many others. In the words of Godino, "the lights keep the music going, the music keeps the lights going." Synesthesia plays a huge role, with the band's intent to help you to truly experience the color, feel the sound, and transport the whole of your mind and soul back to the more carefree era of the Summer of Love. Worthless' most recent release via Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records is titled Keep Sleeping and fuses sweeping sitars, bongo beats, intricate guitar work, and spaced out vocals to help you completely lose yourself. You can check out some of the band's early tracks on their bandcamp page,, and their most recent releases on And, to catch a quick glimpse of some of the artistic stylings of Drippy Eye Productions, definitely peruse their facebook page at