Shake the Monday Night Blues // DTCV // Spaceships


This Monday, [concerts] welcomes DTCV, pronounced Detective, a French-American rock band from Los Angeles made up of The Lola Freakout, James Riot, and Ringo. The band is often compared to rock ‘n’ roll groups such as the Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, and Black Sabbath on their more riffy tracks, and are known for their energetic, jam-filled live shows. Most recently, the band released a double album titled Hilarious Heaven under Xemu Records, an impressive record that “contains free jazz saxophone skronk and flute solo(s), a piano ballad in French, synth-pop, a Monks cover, and two songs that surpass the eleven minute mark.” Robert Pollard of Guided By Voices did the beautiful cover art. Check out the album here, and listen to the band’s soundcloud here.


Monday’s other act, Spaceships, plays noise-pop-bedroom-garage-punk. The band is funky and fun and stands to turn us all into little disaffected nose-picking beer chugging punk children. It can’t be summed up better than the following quote from LA Record: “Nobody knew anything about Spaceships but manager Mani Quin, who mumbled “Get this” in my ear. A short fusillade of arty brusque noise pop followed, highlighted by Jessie Waite’s impassioned powerhouse vocals. There ensued a gooey community sweat and all was drippy cheers and well-kicked ass.” Listen to their bandcamp here. 



9 PM


This event is free and open to the public

PUNK WEDNESDAY// Audacity // The Coathangers

Liven up this Wednesday with Audacity and The Coathangers, playing in Gardner Lounge at 9 PM!


Hailing from Fullerton, California, the garage-rock band Audacity has the rare capability of being energetic and noisy while also having sing-along choruses and lyrics worth reading. The four members of the band have played together since grad

e school, and their familiarity shows—not only do they jam seamlessly on their fast-paced tracks, but their lyrics often evoke a carefree, elementary school humor; for example, in the song “Indian Chief” off their 2012 album Mellow Cruisers, they sing, “Jesus has parties when God’s out of town/ Joseph and Mary are really not down.” In this sense, Audacity is like the garage-band that you formed in high school, except they stuck together and got better and better. With rough guitars, catchy hooks, and sweaty live performances, the band seems to relish in youthful, carefree energy that will be an exciting break from the workweek.

The band has put out a number of EPs and 7”s under with Burger Records (a label that has released the likes of King Kahn, the Pharcyde, and Hunx and His Punx), and most recently released their third full-length album, Butter Knife, under Suicide Squeeze Records. Check out their bandcamp here.


Atlanta-based punk band The Coathangers is made up of three members: Crook Kid Coathanger (Julia Kugel, on guiatar), Rusty Coathanger (Stephanie Luke, vocals), and Minnie Coathanger (Meredith Franc, on bass). With tracks titled “Shut Up,” “Smother,” “Love Em and Leave Em,” and “Adderall,” The Coathangers’ new album, Suck My Shirt (also released by Suicide Squeeze Records) has gotten rave reviews for its range of sound and moods. Pitchfork writes, “Suck My Shirt shows a band continuing to grow and refine their sound. Have they become more tame as they’ve become a tighter band? Hell no. Their instruments still bite and their vocals still growl. But this time, the subject matter feels weightier.” Better yet, Suicide Squeeze Records writes “the title [Suck My Shirt] refers to an incident involving the salvaging of spilled tequila during the recording session for the album.” You won’t want to miss them! Listen to their bandcamp here.




9 PM

This event is free and open to the public

Review: Oneohtrix Point Never

Oneohtrix Point Never (Daniel Lopatin) is experimental, ambient, and electronic. Upon first listen of his latest album, R Plus Seven, one might get a little lost in his minimalistic approach to orchestral and synthetic sounds. Though minimalistic, his albums are extremely complex, such that he does not try to replicate the songs in concert. He instead “takes the raw stuff of the songs — melodies, keyboard parts and noises — and basically remixes them on the fly, creating new compositions from familiar parts” (Washington Post).  So naturally, I was curious to see how Lopatin would take on a small college in the middle of Iowa on a Wednesday night.


The crowd at Gardner slowly gravitated towards the stage as Lopatin played his first song, which displayed many of his talents as a musician. It slowly built up with layers of subtle bass, white noise, and small melodies and patterns that faded in and out. Along with the one blue light shining on stage and a television in continuous static in the background, Lopatin’s performance created an atmosphere in the room that made you feel like you were exploring the spooky depths of an ocean. Though his performance was improvisation, Lopatin still incorporated fine complexity—from small, rhythmic clicks to low, distorted, changing bass lines. He displayed an intense, almost mathematical concentrated look while performing, yet effortlessly made the crowd sway and even dance to his compositions.
The concert was an interesting change in pace in the midst of [concerts]‘ noise-rock and hip-hop shows, and it was pleasure to hear his sounds on the loud speakers of Gardner.

Start Your Weekend Right// with Lunice, P. Morris, and Sinjin Hawke


Lunice (Lunice Fermin Pierre II) is a Montreal based trap producer who gained fame from taking part in the Montreal Bass scene in 2007-2008. Lunice makes up half of the production duo TNGHT, who has played many big festivals this past year. Although his music is similar to TNGHT’s, Lunice extends into many genres, from his remix of Hall & Oates’ “Out of Touch” to his appearance in the music video for Azealia Banks’ “212.” However, his main focus is trap music, in which he achieves his “versatile, energetic and positive” (LuckyMe Records) beats through reinvention of traditional music sounds with a heavy bass. Stream Lunice’s SoundCloud here, and don’t forget to wear your dancing shoes.

P. Morris, formerly Morri$, will soon release his first mixtape, Debut, on February 25. Moving from Kansas to LA, P. Morris is also a producer who spans several genres. In contrast to Lunice, P. Morris tends to remix pop songs and makes them appear mysterious and atmospheric with post dubstep beats. Recently, he has worked to produce Kelela’s debut mixtape last year, Cut4Me, and has remixed Katy B’s “Crying for No Reason” and even Justin Bieber’s “Hold Tight.” Listen to P. Morris’ SoundCloud here.

Sinjin Hawke also came out of the Montreal Bass scene but now resides in Barcelona. RBMA Radio describes his music as having an “innate grasp of sensual alien jams, combining all the familiar elements of half-steppin footwork, neon r&b, and instrumental rap.” Sinjin Hawke creates big sounds and is currently working on a video-only series with other various other producers called Fractal Fantasy. Listen to Sinjin Hawke’s SoundCloud here.



9 PM

This show is free and open to the public

Valentine’s Day with Inc.


This Friday night, Inc., formerly Teen Inc, will be performing in Gardner at 9pm. Inc. is a producer duo hailing from Los Angeles comprised of siblings Andrew and Daniel Aged. Their first LP, 3, launched them into the music world, gaining them recognition for their danceable yet ambient atmospheres. Inc.’s debut album, “no world” came out last year, receiving favorable reviews from the likes of Pitchfork and SPIN Magazine.
Their music softly incorporates elements of R&B, jazz-funk, and 80’s music into an all-encompassing intimate mood. Inc’s “plaintive vocals [are] reminiscent of Prince,” (LA Times) complete with high vocals and gentle whispers. Though having built their music on elements of old music traditions, Inc. creates a sound that is entirely new and unique—a sound that sets the perfect ambiance for this coming cold Valentine’s night. Listen to music, watch videos, and read more about Inc. at their website,
9 PM
This show is free and open to the public

Windy City Hip Hop Comes to Grinnell


A south side Chicago based rapper and singer, Noname Gypsy began as a poet, winning third place in the Louder Than A Bomb poetry competition in 2010. She has since been making music described by The Chicagoist as “psychedelic neo-soul and street smart rhymes.” Her history as a spoken word slam poet comes through when she raps about ‘hip-hop-opacracy’ and sings energetic R&B over trippy, atmospheric beats. Chance The Rapper featured her on his much acclaimed Acid Rap mixtape, and her verse on the song Lost earned her a share of the hype, exposing her to a wider audience. Her upcoming mixtape Telefone is due to drop this summer. The gypsy’s travels are only looking more bright and hopeful in the future. She says “a lot of people have been looking at me that weren’t looking at me before.” She’ll likely be turning more heads as time goes on.

Dubbed ‘Adventure Soul,’ Milo & Otis are a bass guitar/vocal duo from Chicago. They show their smooth, jazzy side well at their performance at Glass City Speaks in Chicago. Unafraid to explore bizarre musical territory, they did a hip coffee shop version of ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ on WBEZ Chicago. Check it out here. With a voice that can redeem even Britney Spears, Jamila Woods (Milo) fronts the duo with grace as Owen Hill (Otis) plucks out a solemn backing on the bass guitar. They show another side with the snappy doo-wopesque single  ‘Tiny Soldiers.


April Fools will open the night, a brother-sister rap duo from Chicago, comprised of Damon Williams ’14 and  Kristiana Williams. A promising young act, the two build rich and soulful harmonies reminiscent of melancholy Motown, but prove equally talented when they break into rhyme. Their Bandcamp profile is quite the treat.



9 PM

This show is free and open to the public

This Concert is Gonna FREAK U DOWN// DJ Spinn// Junglepussy// Ian Isiah

This Saturday, Gardner Lounge welcomes DJ Spinn, Jungle Pussy, and Ian Isiah. Headliner DJ Spinn is a member of Chicago’s Teklife crew, an international DJ and footwork crew out of Chicago. DJ Spinn comes to Grinnell shortly after ending the whirlwind Social Experiment Tour with Chance the Rapper. Fact Magazine says, “Spinn, along with his regular production partner Rashad, is a crucial figure in Chicago’s juke and footwork scene, and one of the best DJs around full stop.” Spinn, while maintaining the fast pace, vocal loops, and sped up house rhythms of the footwork scene, adds a warmer, soulful sound that truly sets him apart. Listen to his soundcloud here.


Junglepussy, a Brooklyn native, is an empowering rapper with flawless flow and catchy beats that will get any crowd going. Her upcoming project, Satisfaction Guaranteed, is due to come out this summer, and will produced by Shy Guy, who also produced Le1f’s album Treehouse. In addition to killing to the rap game, Junglepussy also doubles as a fashionista and internet sensation.  Listen to her tough track “Stitches” here.

Ian Isiah, also based in New York, is an R&B, soul-inspired, autotuned crooning powerhouse. As well as putting his first album, “The Love Champion,” this year, he also serves as a creative consultant for the hip streetwear brand, Hood By Air (which you will never be able to afford). His use of autotune and vocal layering are simultaneously sexy and weird, like an alien love song. Listen to his hot tracks “Freak You Down” and “Sweat.

Come so you can tell your children you were there–it’s gonna be that good.




9 PM

Free and open to all ages



BRING IT ON. Perfect Pussy// Paducah// Dead in Bed


Perfect Pussy, a punk band out of Syracuse, released their first demo I have lost all desire for feeling in April. They were named one of 2013′s “boldest new rock bands” by Pitchfork Media. Though it’s difficult to make out frontwoman Meredith Graves’ voice over the incendiary guitars and drums,  her lyrics are deeply personal, raw, and honest. As Graves puts it in the interview with Pitchfork, “I’m not burying anything. I’m shouting because it feels like this stuff is important and I rarely get an opportunity to yell and to really feel.” Most recently, Pitchfork named the band’s song “Driver,” the opening track of their forthcoming album, a “best new track.” The album, title Say Yes to Love, will be released in March under the New York indie label Captured Tracks.

Paducah, formerly known as [gluestick], is made up of Pooj Padmaraj ’13, Vadim Fainberg ’13, Clint Williamson ’13, and Garin Kessler ’15. This is their one stop, one night, one show only on their 2K14 Reunion Tour, so you better be there. They were active in the Grinnell music scene 2009-2013, performing in Freesound shows and opening for acts such as Lightning Bolt, White Lung, and Bass Drum of Death.

Dead In Bed is an Iowa City punk band made up of members from NERV and Solid Attitude.

This show is all ages, free and open to the public.

Thursday, January 23rd

Gardner Lounge

9 PM

LAST SHOW of the SEMESTER// Gardner Becomes House of Worship for the #TinkSquad

This Friday, Gardner will become a house of worship for the #TinkSquad as Concerts hosts its final show for the semester. Hitting the stage are DJ J-Cush and the producer Fatima Al Qadiri, who also make up two thirds of the project Future Brown, and Tink, a Chicago rapper and singer who’s been blowing up the internet lately, generating blog buzz before even reaching her eighteenth birthday. Tink, the stage name of Calumet City native Trinity Home, has been making waves for her intriguing genre-blending sound, which seamlessly weaves feisty rhymes with slinky, sweet R&B.


She’s been steadily making a name for herself among the Soundcloud set, gaining fans in innovative R&B acts like How to Dress Well and the GTW , both of whom released popular remixes of her tracks.

In September, Tink released her third mixtape, Boss Up, which features a roster of hot Chicago acts like Lil Bibby and Young Chop. The tape showcases Tinks versatility, with tracks ranging from hard-edged drill anthems, to smooth R&B ballads, to an excellent “Versace” freestyle. With Boss Up, Tink proves once again that she can do a lot, and she can do it well.

Over the summer, Tink scored her biggest hit to date on the track “Wanna Party,” which matches her vocals with production from Future Brown, a sort of supergroup made up of Fade to Mind’s Fatima Al Qadiri and Nguzunguzu, plus Lit City Trax’ J-Cush. The result is an undeniable banger, showcasing Fade to Mind’s eerie synths, and apocalyptic jungle rhythms and Tink’s talent for dropping melodic-yet-sinister bars.

This Friday, Tink will be joined by two other members of the Future Brown crew, J-Cush and Fatima Al Qadiri. Fatima Al Qadiri is a New York-based Kuwaiti composer and visual artist signed to the Fade to Mind label, which has made a name for its collective of innovative acts, almost all of whom have passed through Gardner over the years.J-Cush is the founder of Lit City Trax, a Brooklyn ghetto house/footwork/juke record label and club night that dubs itself “the future sound of the underground.”

This Friday, Concerts is excited to welcome Tink for one of her first shows outside Chicago, as well J-Cush and Fatima Al Qadiri, who are fresh off headlining a show at MOMA PS1 this past Sunday. This is your chance to see some of the most innovative artists in house music team up with one of the hottest female MCs out right now. You don’t want to miss this one.

Friday With Fort Frances

This Friday night, Grinnell welcomes Chicago-based trio, Fort Frances. The members include David McMillin on vocals and guitar, Jeffrey Piper on bass, and Aaron Kiser on drums.

The band recorded their first album (The Atlas, released in 2011) in the wilderness of Maine. Last spring, Fort Frances released an EP (Harbour), and this October released a new album titled Breathing Room. In an interview with “A Beer With the Band,” McMillin reflects on the band’s progression, noting that Harbour felt a lot more collaborative than The Atlas. He confesses, “It’s weird, being in a band…it’s kind of like dating, but maybe even weirder because you’re expected to get in fights when you’re dating. People who aren’t in bands have this impression that it’s like all we do is get drunk and play music and have fun. But it comes with challenges and logistics. I think we’re really getting to where we want sound-wise.”



The band’s music moves seamlessly through a wide range of emotions—from the upbeat and energetic tune off their new album, “Plastic Hearts,” to the heart wrenching nostalgia in “How to Turn Back” off Harbour—while maintaining a catchy, folk-rock feel that’s some have compared to Wilco. Piper says that their newer albums are “more plugged-in” and textured in an effort to make the most out of the band’s three members. On this note, McMillin adds, “It would be great if we had six people because of the way we like to record… We’ve figured out a way to work as a trio and we do a lot of switching.  Jeff plays drums, piano, guitar. I play guitar, but I also play piano and banjo. Aaron plays drums and bells.”


Though the band bashfully admits that they’re not the hippest band on the scene, their music is honest and beautiful, especially when played live. Start your weekend off right with Fort Frances and our very own Adriana Walsh!

Check out the band’s music and a live performance of “Cities In Dust.”



Friday, November 15th

Gardner Lounge

9 PM

Free Admission